Youth Services

bikesYouth Services provides programming to children and young adults, ages 5 to 24, helping young people become positive, motivated leaders within their communities. Students build confidence and character through mentorship, educational and social-emotional support, and a variety of recreational activities, field trips, and labs.

For additional information, please contact Crystal Cross, Youth & Family Services Manager, at or at (773) 542-7328.
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“Our youth come from different walks of life. Some reside in gang-infested neighborhoods, some travel here from a far distance. Some come from two parent homes, some come from single parent homes. Many live in deeply broken households and deal with intense drama each and every day. All need the same thing: guidance and direction, to be heard, to know that they manner and are valued. They need a support system, to have their essential needs met and, most importantly, to be LOVED! Our Youth Services provide a place where all youth are respected, valued, and loved the same.

At BBF, the youth are exposed to experienced mentors, educational labs, and field trips geared toward development and opportunity. While every day is an adventure, we see evidence of our youth growing by leaps and bounds. They are resolving conflicts peacefully, slowly forming healthy relationships, trying out new skills and activities, and trusting enough to open up and speak freely to the instructors in the program. We support a group of talented and gifted youth who are truly benefiting from all that BBF has to offer.”

-Crystal Cross, Youth & Family Services Manager